• J & W Wade c1890
  • Kenneth Clark Ceramics c1960Go to Screen-printed Designs
  • Copeland c1880.Go to Months of the Year
  • Alan Wallwork Ceramics c1968.Go to Abstract Designs - Alan Wallwork
  • Mintons China Works c1880Go to Aesthetic Bird Tiles
  • Christina Sheppard 1974Go to Christina Sheppard Tiles
  • Maw & Co c1878.Go to Times of the Day
  • Dunsmore Tiles c1950Go to Alice in Wonderland
  • Maw & Co c1882Go to The Seven Ages of Man
  • Mintons China Works c1870.Go to Blue Tits 8in Frieze Tiles
  • Carter & Co 1953.Go to English Countryside
  • Mintons China Works c1900Go to Art Nouveau Tiles
  • Richards Tiles c1905Go to Art Nouveau Tiles
  • Minton Hollins & Co c1870Go to Gothic Revival Border Tiles
  • Minton Hollins c1875,Go to Humorous Sporting Scenes
  • Minton Hollins c1870.Go to Gothic Revival Border Tiles
  • Maw & CoGo to Intaglio Moulded Tiles
  • SOF vorm ETM c1900Go to Jugendstil Tiles - S O F vorm E T M
  • Chamberlain & Co c1840Go to Encaustic Tiles - Chamberlain & Co
  • Mintons China Works c1876Go to Classical Musicians
  • Minton Hollins c1880Go to The Road to Ruin
  • Pilkington c1905Go to Galley Tiles
  • Robert Minton Taylor c1876Go to Agnus Dei Encaustic Panel -
  • Dorincourt Tiles c1977Go to Small British Mammals - Dorincourt Industries
  • Minton Hollins & Co
  • Mintons China Works c1875
  • John Sadler Tile c1765
  • Wedgwood c1878
  • Mintons China Works c1885
  • J & W Wade c1901Go to Art Nouveau Female Heads - J & W Wade

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