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How to add an image to an existing page

  1. Go to the Tile Page you wish to add an image to.
  2. Click on the "Add a photo to this gallery" button. (Located below the existing images.)
  3. In the "Gallery Builder" click on the "Add a photo" button"
  4. Then click on "Upload photo"
  5. In the "File Upload" box locate the file to be uploaded and click open
  6. In the "Gallery Builder" click Insert.
  7. Add a Caption if appropriate then click Done and then Finish.
  8. Your photo will now appear on the Tile page.

How to Add a Tile Page

  1. Enter a name for your Tile Page in the "Create Tile Page" box
  2. Click on the "Create Tile Page" button
  3. Select the Blank page option
  4. Click the Add a page Button
  5. From the Insert menu click on the "Add a photo gallery or slide show " button
  6. Click on Create Gallery
  7. In the "Gallery Builder" click on the "Add a photo Button"
  8. Then click on "Upload photo"
  9. In the File Upload box locate the file to be uploaded and click open and
  10. In the Gallery builder click Insert.
  11. Add a Caption if appropriate then click Done.
  12. Click the "Add a photo Button" again to add further images.
  13. When all desired images have been uploaded click "Finish"

Add a Description

  1. Move the curser below the Gallery Icon and type in Description
  2. Highlight the text and in the Text Appearance menu click the down arrow and select Header 2
  3. Description now becomes the header of an editable section
  4. Place the curser below the Description header.
  5. Type in any information you have about the tile(s) with references.
  6. When you have finished creating your tile page click either Preview to see how it looks
    or Publish to upload your page.
    All pages are editable, so experiment you can always go back and change things.

Categories: Categories are an important aid to navigating the site.

  1. Click on the "Add category" button (located at the bottom of the Tile Page) and add the following categories:
  2. Tiles (this will ensure that your tile page appears on the "Tile Gallery" page.)

For each of the following: Click on the Add Category button and enter a term for:

  1. Manufacturer's name
  2. Designer's name (if known)
  3. Theme and/or style eg. Art Nouveau, Floral etc
  4. Country where produced eg. UK
  5. Technique used eg. transfer printed
  6. Period eg Victorian, or 1920s etc.